"From Soup To Tomatoes has helped me because I'm a diabetic, and it really helps me with my numbers when I take my tests."


"As you get older you have health issues. I'm not diabetic, but this program keeps me fit. I have arthritic problems, and I think it's just keeping me going. I encourage anyone, it doesn't matter what your age is, you have to exercise. You have to stay strong, and that's what From Soup To Tomatoes brings to me."


"I have arthritis pretty bad in my neck, shoulders, and spine. This exercise program that I do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday keeps me decently in shape. We've been doing this for a while, and we enjoy it. Not only the exercises but the comradery we have afterwards."


"From Soup To Tomatoes has helped me tremendously...I find I can put my socks on better than I used to. If I have to get down on the floor, which I don't do too often, but if I do, I can get back up again. And from a very personal point of view, it's helped me with my bladder control."


"All the years I've been going I've been enjoying it. It's helped me quite a bit. I'm eighty-eight years old and still enjoying it."


"I started this program a little over two years ago...I really enjoy and am definitely getting some benefits from it."


"I've been coming to the Gentle class for about three years. I fell outside and hurt my hip. I thought I was finished with exercising, but decided I'd like to try the gentle class. It works perfectly. I just love it. My hip is doing great, so much better. And what I really like about the exercise is that it's so much fun to discover when you can do something you couldn't do before."